Emmy® Award Winning Producer

Emmy® Award winning producer Katy Davis is a veteran television executive with twenty years of experience creating and producing “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the most successful show in the history of daytime television. During her tenure at Harpo, Davis rose from Associate Producer to Executive Producing. In addition to consistently producing top rated Oprah Winfrey shows, she founded and created Oprah’s Angel Network, executive produced prime time specials, was responsible for multiple international field shoots, and discovered and developed top talent like Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suze Orman and Dr. Laura Berman.

Exclusive History Making Shows

Davis was responsible for numerous exclusive shows and series, including history-making interviews with world leaders (Nelson Mandela, President Clinton, President W. Bush), headline-generating one-on ones with countless A-List celebrities (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Jennifer Aniston) and signature human interest shows.

Created Oprah’s Angel Network

  • Katrina Homes on Bon Jovi Blvd

In 1997, Davis created and launched Oprah’s Angel Network (OAN), a public charity that raised and distributed over $80 million dollars throughout its twelve-year history. Programs she created mobilized millions of viewers to join forces with Oprah to impact lives in their communities and around the world.

“…It was the Angel Network that actually focused my internal GPS. It helped me to decide that I wasn’t going to just be on TV every day but that the goal of my shows, my interviews, my business, my philanthropy, all of it…”

OAN built 60 schools in 13 countries educating 60,000 students; built 300 homes for Hurricane Katrina survivors; and partnered with well-known figures and celebrities including Jon Bon Jovi, Tyler Perry, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Paul Newman and many more.

  • Produced Christmas Kindness Special

Oprah calls Christmas Kindness “one of the greatest experiences of my life.”


Television Executive Media Consultant

Davis’ responsibilities included: leading and supervising multiple teams and overseeing the entire process of creating episodes; supervising shooting, scripting, editing, post-production and set design; and maintaining show budget. She also worked closely with publicity, marketing, on-air promotion, online and legal to maximize episodic promotion and ensure editorial integrity. Responsibilities also included creating systems and infrastructure, hiring, mentoring and training producers and supervising producers, and hiring production companies for international shoots and special projects.

Created Signature Oprah Show Series & Franchises

Created signature Oprah Show series and franchises including Oprah’s Debt Diet series (best selling Harpo DVD), Suze Orman, Oprah’s Lifestyle Makeover Series.

Discovered and Developed Talent

Davis discovered and cultivated talent to feature on shows including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suze Orman, Dr. Laura Berman.

Executive Producer

Davis was hand-picked to serve as Executive Producer for the ABC primetime special, “Building A Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy.”

Broadcast on ABC in February 2007, the one-hour special garnered nearly 9 million viewers, the network’s highest number of total viewers and Adults 18-49 in two months. The special also ranked #1 in its timeslot for Women 18-34.

Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular

TIME Magazine called the 300 Morehouse Men segment Davis conceived and created “a truly moving moment that brought Oprah’s biggest tears…”.

Oprah called the surprise her favorite finale show moment.

Created Memorable Oprah Show Moments

  • Post Obama Election Show

The shows Davis produced over the years rank as some of the most memorable “Oprah” shows in history, including:

  • Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular (2011)
  • Oprah’s All-Time Favorite Guest Revealed!
  • Oprah’s After Oscar Party LIVE from the Kodak Theatre (2011) Highest rated Oscar show in five years
  • Oprah Post Election Special (2008) #1 highest rated show of Season 23
  • First Lady Michelle Obama,: The Bravest Families In America (2011)
  • Nelson Mandela –An Oprah Exclusive (2000)
  • George W. Bush (2000)
  • Former President Bill Clinton: The Exclusive Oprah Interview (2004)
  • Oprah LIVE from Radio City Music Hall REMOTE (2010) Christina Aguilera and Oprah All-Stars
  • Oprah and Bono Paint The Town Red (2006) with Penelope Cruz, Christy Turlington and Kanye West.
  • Exclusive: The Cast of Twilight (2010)
  • Icon Jay Z and Living Legend Barbra Streisand (2009)
  • Inside the Lives of Hoarders Part 1 and 2 (2007) #3 and #5 highest rated shows of Season 22
  • Oprah on Location: Operation Katrina Move In Day Special! (2005)
  • Little Rock Nine Reunion (1996) Called the most unforgettable reunion in Oprah show history. Picked as one of the top 25 most memorable Oprah Shows by TV Guide. Black students reunite with white students who tormented them.
  • Bill Gates Exclusive Education Specials (2006, 2010)
  • Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg (2002)
  • Brad Pitt (2004)
  • Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston (2003)
  • Over 100 Osmond’s Reunite on Our Stage (2007) #1 highest rated show of Season 22
  • Christmas Kindness ABC Prime Time Special from South Africa
  • In His First Interview: Grieving Husband And Father, Dr. William Petit On The Unspeakable Tragedy In Connecticut
  • Mackenzie Phillips Stunning Incest Revelations (2009) Picked as one of the top 25 most memorable Oprah Shows by TV Guide
  • Islam 101 (2001) The New York Times called this show, presented after the September 11 attacks, “culturally a huge step” and “the most successful” response to the public’s thirst for information in the aftermath of 9/11.”
  • Behind Closed Doors of Sex Therapy with Dr. Laura Berman (2008)
  • You Tube’s Greatest Hits with Billionaire Founders (2007)
  • Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes (2006)
  • Oprah’s Bra and Jean Intervention Show (2005) This show literally started a revolution
  • Money Powerhouse Suze Orman’s Intervention With Octomom Nadya Suleman (2011)
  • Dr. Oz: Extreme Life Extension (2009)
  • Exclusive: NFL Players’ Secret Shame Revealed (2005)
  • Exclusive: Valerie Bertinelli Comes Clean About Living a Lie (2008)
  • Exclusive: Tatum O’Neal’s Hollywood Nightmare (2004)
  • Harpo Hookups (2002 – 2010)
  • Oprah Takes the Audience to Disney (1996)


Davis was a National Champion Freestyle Skier and ranked second in the world at the 1980 World Cup.

She is a proud Mom to her son Andrew.